Frequently asked questions

Can I Customise My Order?

Absolutely!! Most things that I do are all customisable from colour, to names and ages. All my bits have that personal touch.

You say 1-2 weeks for shipping will it take that long?

Hopefully not no, but I like to give myself enough time, every order is made for you individually and I like to make sure things are just right. I will always post to you as quick as I can.

Can you fastrack my order?

Possibly. You will need to get in touch to discuss, this will depend how quickly I can get the materials or if I have them in already. Being flexible with colours will mean I can send an order quicker.

I am really short/tall, can I adjust the length of a tutu?

Absolutely! This is the great joy of them being handmade, they can be adjusted to any length or waist size. Hurrah!!